Aguema’s Mystic Alcove - Service List

Embark on a journey of discovery, healing, and empowerment with our curated selection of mystical services. Our skilled practitioners are dedicated to guiding you through the mysteries of the unseen, providing insight, and aiding in your spiritual growth. Explore our offerings and find the path that resonates with your soul.

1. Tarot Readings
• 1 Hour Session: $51
• Half Hour Session: $21
• Delve deep into the mysteries of your life with our comprehensive tarot readings. Whether you seek guidance for an hour or a quick insight in thirty minutes, our cards reveal the hidden truths and paths before you.

2. Spiritual Consultation: $21
• A focused session to explore your spiritual journey, address concerns, and receive guidance on your path. Perfect for those seeking clarity and direction in their personal growth and spiritual practices.

3. Healing Work: $81
• Experience profound healing and rejuvenation with our specialized healing work. Designed to align your energy, heal emotional wounds, and restore balance, this service is a journey towards holistic wellness.


4. Open Road: $81
• Remove obstacles and clear the way for new opportunities with our Open Road service. Ideal for those feeling stuck or hindered, this powerful spell opens paths to success, happiness, and prosperity.

5. Candle Spell: $31
• A focused spell using the magic of candles to manifest your intentions. Whether you seek love, protection, or abundance, our candle spells are customized to your unique desires.

6. Candle Service (7 Days): $121
• A seven-day candle service to continuously support your intentions and amplify your desires. This sustained magical practice is designed to bring significant changes and manifestations into your life.

Note: All services are by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your session and embark on your mystical journey with Aguema’s Mystic Alcove.